Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Project Plan

1) What is your project? What are you aiming to do? Why?
With this project we are aiming to plan, write, film and edit a short film, in order to gain some experience in filmmaking and working with a team.

2) Who are the main audience for your projects?
Young adults and adults.

3) When will your project take place? What is the timescale? Are there any key dates?
The script needed to be finished before the shooting day, which was 30th of November.

4) How are you going to deliver your project? What will it look like? How many sessions?
We will plan and shoot the film, before editing it. The film will be around 2-3 minutes long. This will be planned over around 3 sessions, as well as in our own time through Facebook.

5) What is your main role in the project? What are you responsible for?
My roles are scriptwriting and cinematography. This means I am responsible for the script, and the camera work.

6) Who else is working with you or helping? What are they responsible for?
Will is the director, responsible for the creative vision and the direction of the actors. Bright is the producer, responsible for the location, cast, and making sure everything is done on time. Angela is the editor, responsible for editing together all of the footage, as well as doing the sound design.

7) What resources, equipment or space will you need? Where will you get them?
We will need a camera and two radio microphones, that we will be able to borrow from Daren of the BFI Film Academy. We will need some props, which we will gather together by ourselves. We will need an office building, which has been generously offered by a charity called Element.

8) What support might you need? Who might be able to help you and in what way?
I will probably need support with writing, which will be available from Rebecca Mark-Lawson, a short-film producer and script editor.

9) What will you do if things go wrong? What is your back-up plan?
I have taken precautions to ensure that the things I do don't go wrong. I have written the script on Google Drive, which is in the cloud - this means that no matter what goes wrong with my computer, the script is still safe.

10) How will you know how the project is going well? How will you review your progress?
I will review my scripts, improving each one. I will know how my script is doing by getting feedback from people.

11) How will you keep a record of it?
I will keep a record of every draft of the script.

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