Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Arts Award - Writing The Script (Week 3)

This was the week that I changed the names, and changed a couple of other elements.

The change of names came about because I decided that Brett and Erin were really rubbish names. They didn't sound believable, and they're quite uncommon. This undermined the natural feeling that I'd attempted to give the rest of the story. Matt and Ellie just came out of the blue - there's no symbolic meaning behind them, they just felt like the names a couple that I could believe in.

I changed the old woman to be quite odd, and a bit more comedic. Originally she was quite a kind and gentle character, but I decided that she could be quite abrasive, and that it would add to the film. I also added a bit more to Matt's section with the waiter, but I still wasn't overly happy with it.

And that was draft 1 finished! I was reasonably pleased with it, but set to work on a second draft.

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