Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Arts Award - Writing The Script (Week 1)

Starting the script was hard, and finding a good idea was even harder. I had been heavily inspired by some of the other short films created by the others at the BFI Film Academy, mainly one that was very simple. I'd noticed that my script for the Academy was quite convoluted, and a bit overly complicated. I therefore set myself the task of writing something that wasn't very complex, but still interesting.

To begin with, I sat down and brainstormed. I live near a lake, and that was my starting point. Then I built the story around that - I thought that it would be interesting to have a typical breakup scene, but we only catch the end (and aftermath) of it. I had the idea that it could go into splitscreen, and show both sides of the breakup.

Once I had the plot sorted, I moved onto the characters. There would be a man, and  a woman. At first I called them Brett and Erin, but I sort of hated these names, and changed it to Matt and Ellie. Matt would be a bit scruffy, and have the attitude of a teenager who hasn't properly matured. Ellie would be a tidy person, who relied on pop culture to express herself. They got together as teenager, when Matt would have been considered cool, but he didn't grow up.

And that was the basis for my script.

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