Thursday, 12 December 2013

BFI Film Academy - December 7th 2013

This day was dedicated to Animation, something that I'd never been that interested in (Spoiler: That had changed by the end of the day!). Firstly, all the films were shown. I still wasn't that happy with ours, though a few other people said they liked the idea, and I started to think it was maybe just me being overcritical. Then we were introduced to the techniques of pixillation and stop-motion, and shown a number of examples. This included the legendary surrealist Jan Svankmajer, who I became a bit of a fan of.

We were then split into groups, and tasked with creating our own short animation. We decided to go for a pixillated 'magic' film, which ended up really good! I was really happy with it. I helped out with both of the other groups' films too, as we finished quite early. Next was back to Sheffield Live to edit, and we decided to put the whole thing in black and white, with a film grain. We also put it in a different resolution, which was more similar to the first films. We tried to make it look like a Charlie Chaplin black and white film, complete with piano music (Debussy's "Golliwog's Cake Walk"), and it did come out really well.

There was an exhibition about Jan Svankmajer at The Showroom, and I went to it with a few others from the Academy because of this day. It was really interesting, and it was really good to be able to delve deeper into things that we'd learned at the academy, so easily. Though I'm not sure I liked Faust. I'm not sure I didn't like it either. I just straight-up have no idea what happened in that film.

Also, whilst watching the other group's films, one that really struck me was a much simpler film, that was just about a girl waiting for a date. It was really good, and was beautiful in it's simplicity. I was really inspired by it, and decided to use it as a stimulus. Not the same, I'm just going to focus on simplicity instead of high concept films.

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