Monday, 23 December 2013

BFI Film Academy - December 14th 2013

This day was part Documentary, and part Networking. 

Nikki Parrott, who was a producer on a number of documentaries, spoke to use about her career as a producer, how they made her documentaries, and the problems involved with them. One particularly high-profile documentary that she had worked on was "Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother," and Nikki told us about the problems with Alexis herself. She decided not to have the operation, and she breached her contract by appearing in a new reality TV show, after refusing to continue with the film. 

We then got split into groups, and had to pick a story from a newspaper and pitch a documentary about it. We got stuck with the Daily Star, not exactly the pinnacle of journalism, and so we struggled to find anything. We eventually decided on North Korea, and came up with a pretty interesting documentary! 

We went to cake-break, and when we came back we met Rob Speranza, film producer. He spoke to us about networking, and how important it is. He also set up the SYFN (Not on that day, a while before), and encouraged us to sign up to their newsletter. 

Edit: I actually made a short horror film with some friends outside of the Academy, and emailed it to Rob. He was really helpful, and gave me a full page of feedback. The main lesson I've learnt from the BFI Film Academy is that most people are really nice, and will often try to help you out if you ask them politely.

And that's it! No more Film Academy until 2014. Gutted.

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