Sunday, 1 December 2013

BFI Film Academy - December 1st 2013

Editing day!

Today, our group was editing the footage from the day before. However, we were told how long we had to edit the films, and we were advised to split up - some of the group working on their blogs and some on the editing. I did sit in for a while on the editing, but today I focussed more on getting this blog sorted.

The blog was for the Silver Arts Award, the reason I've been doing the other posts. A woman came in called Becci, who helped us out and told us everything we needed to do in order to get the Silver Arts Award (Here's hoping!)

One of the things that we had to do was to decide upon a personal challenge. After a bit of a discussion, we decided on writing a different script of my own, and completing it!

We ended up running out of time, and only had a rough cut of our film. We were sort of disappointed with the end results, but I think with a bit more time editing we could have made it substantially better. For future projects, I would give myself more than a day to edit. Which I think most productions have.

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