Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Arts Challenge - Unit 1 A&B

My arts challenge is to write and finish a short film script.

  1. What will you need to do to achieve your challenge?
    I will need to do a lot of planning, a fair amount of research, and a lot of work. I'll also have to look at existing films in order to draw inspiration
  2. What timescale has been set?
    The timescale that was set was from the 19th of December up until the 3rd of February. I will try and complete a first draft by 11th of January, and a second draft by 3rd of February.
  3. What targets will you meet?
    I will attempt to write all 3 sections of the short film script that I have planned.
  4. What support will you need and who will provide it?
    I will need feedback on the script, which I will hopefully get from friends and fellow Academy go-ers. I can also watch any films that I need to watch on Netflix, and can find other guidance online.
  5. What extra resources will you need?
    All I need are a word processor. I'll be using Google Drive.
  6. How will progress be recorded?
    I will share a link to the script, and I may also explain my decisions and the planning stages of my script.
  7. How will you get your review from someone else?
    I will send it to another student from the Academy.